Making Your Space Cool & Comfortable with Misting Technology that’s Actually Dry


Product Specs & Descriptions

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Velos 16″ Misting Fan

#1 Best Seller 2012 & 2013

Auramist’s 16 inch misting fan works great both indoors and outdoors, reducing temperatures dramatically in any climate. Equipped with patented non-clogging nozzles that break down the water source to microscopic levels, Velos produces a mist so fine, it’s dry to the touch.

Velos is adjustable. The 16″ head oscillates 90°, providing a wide area of cooling. Choose from three fan speed options and control the level of mist output to best suit your personal comfort levels.
This product is energy efficient and eco-friendly, using up to 80% less water than other misting fans and systems.

It is constructed from UV and rust resistant materials and certified for outdoor use. It connects to any standard garden hose or spigot, making Velos portable, versatile, and easy to use.

Specifications: Download Specs
Common Applications: Patios, decks, garages, gardening, grilling, playground.
Warranty: Guaranteed 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Milo Transparent

Milo 18″ Misting Fan

#1 Best Product Reviews 2013

Milo, Auramist’s 18″ misting fan, is the latest addition to our collection of innovative cooling solutions. Set apart by its sleek, streamlined design, Milo comes equipped with the same unique and dependable misting technology that reduces temperatures up to 30 degrees and remains virtually dry to the touch. Milo’s on board 2.7 gallon reservoir allows you and your guests to enjoy a refreshing mist for over 5 hours per fill.

Milo is nearly maintenance free. The 18″ misting fan uses three non-clogging misting nozzles and its durable body is constructed with UV and rust resistant materials. With an adjustable mist output and three fan speed options, Milo helps suit your personal cooling preferences in all climate conditions. At 55.75″ tall, Milo features an oscillation range of 90 degrees, offering maximum cooling coverage.

Milo is the ideal solution for the environmentally conscious consumer. Energy efficient and Eco-friendly, Milo uses up to 80% less water than alternative misting solutions and the energy equivalent of two light bulbs.

Specifications: Download Specs
Common Applications: Patios, garages, tailgating, grilling, playground, gardening, event hospitality, BBQ Parties, sporting events.
Warranty: Guaranteed 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Industrial Strength Cooling

Coming April 2014

Made in USA

Auramist is excited to announce the Industrial Strength Cooling application Made in the USA. This product is perfect for large areas that need cooling in open or enclosed locations, such as warehouses without air conditioning  and loading docks.

More information on this Industrial Strength Cooling product will be available shortly, and will be available for pre-orders in April 2014. Time is subject to change due to manufacturing time.

Specifications: TBA
Common Applications: Warehouses, loading docks, auto garages, sporting events, event cooling stations
Warranty: guaranteed 1-year manufacturer warranty
Manufactured: Made in USA

Bahia Transparent

Golf Car Cooling System

#1 Golf Car Cooling Accessory

Just when you thought golf couldn’t be more enjoyable, Auramist applies their fast-evaporating mist technology to your favorite chariot, the golf car. Extend your playing season into the hottest months by reducing the temperature by up to 30 degrees. Using the same rust-resistant non-clogging nozzles that make Auramist’s popular misting fans, the Bahia allows you to enjoy 18 holes while keeping your skin, clothes, and gear both cool and dry for up to five+ hours per fill. No golf car modifications necessary. Adjust the mist output to better suit your personal level of comfort. Then enjoy. But be careful. You may never want to leave the golf car!

Features & Benefits
Non-Clogging Nozzles, Low Energy Consumption, Fast-evaporating Mist Technology, Environmentally Friendly, Rust-Resistant, Up to 5 Hours per Fill, Adjustable Mist Output, Operate from 12 – 48 Volts.

Specs: Download Specs
Common Applications: Golfing, event transportation, everyday driving, business shuttles. The Bahia can be installed on any golf cart with no or minimum modifications.
Warranty: Guaranteed 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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